NSNA Welcomes Two New Life Members: April Butler and Leanne Yates


At the recent NSNA Annual General Meeting (AGM), the association proudly announced the appointment of two outstanding individuals as life members – April Butler and Leanne Yates. The nominations, presented by their peers, highlight the remarkable contributions these women have made to the NSNA community over the years.

April Butler

Nominated by Loreto, April Butler – a member of NSNA for many years – has been an integral part of the netball community since her involvement with the Lane Cove Club in the late 80s and 90s. Not only has she dedicated her time as a club coach and umpire, but April has also made significant contributions at the representative level, serving as a coach for metro teams and taking on roles such as Selection Convenor and Representative Convenor on the NSNA Executive.

April’s commitment to NSNA extends beyond the court, as she played a pivotal role as Vice President for four years, navigating the challenges posed by the COVID years. Her involvement goes beyond the executive, co-founding the Lane Cove West Netball Club and contributing to coaching and umpiring, showcasing her dedication to grassroots development.

In addition to her formal roles, April’s willingness to assist in various capacities, whether in the canteen or supporting others, has not gone unnoticed. Her legacy of encouragement has transcended generations, with all three of her children excelling in umpiring.

Leanne Yates

Nominated by St Leonards, Leanne Yates – a member of NSNA and St Leonards since the age of 10 – has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the netball community. Her contributions span various roles within the St Leonards Club, including Umpire Convenor, Secretary, and overall club management.

Leanne’s commitment to the sport is not limited to administrative roles; she actively participates in both indoor and outdoor competitions, showcasing her love for the game. Her involvement in the Umpire Committee, where she has mentored and developed umpires, underscores her commitment to the growth and excellence of the sport.

Having spent countless hours on various NSNA committees, Leanne has been an integral part of the indoor committee for the past three years and served on the NSNA executive as Senior Register for an extended period. Her outstanding service was recognised in 2019 when she was awarded the Pat Clark Service Award.

The NSNA community is privileged to have individuals like April Butler and Leanne Yates, whose passion, dedication, and service have left an indelible mark on the Association. The conferral of life membership is a fitting tribute to their exceptional contributions, and NSNA looks forward to their continued involvement in shaping the future of netball in the community.