Competition Information

All competition enquiries are to be sent to the Competition Convenor

Information on registering players etc, can be found on this page


Fixtures are available via Play HQ


      • All matches must have two scorers (1 from each team) standing together at all times.  No disputes will be entered into if this has not been the case for any match.
      • Tick the box next to players who participate in the match (no signatures)
      • Leave other boxes blank
      • Neatly write names and team # of borrowed players in the “Fill In Player” section
      • Scorers to print their names
      • Score neatly during the game and write final score for each team in the “T” box
      • Return the completed scoresheet to the admin room and leave the folder (if there are games following yours) at the court


        • Advise the Competition Convenor ( and your opposition (contact list) as soon as possible, preferably via a phone call or text if it’s game day.  The team receiving the forfeit must acknowledge receipt of same.
        • Remember to also tell your umpire whether it’s your club umpire or you are borrowing one.

      Borrowing Players

          • Clubs are to use the Playing Up Grid to check you are borrowing from the correct grade.
          • Neatly write the full name and team # of the borrowed player/s on your scoresheet.
          • Ensure the player is registered.

        Wet Weather

          • If a match is rained out, matches will be half games of that round and the following one on the next weekend scheduled, eg if round 2 is washed out, the next matches will be 1/2 x Round 2 and 1/2 x Round 3.
          • A1 and A2 will play regardless as their matches are indoors