NSNA Forfeit Procedure


By Law 

2.12 Forfeits

a) Known forfeits should be notified prior to the game time to the Secretary of the Club of the opposing team and the Competition Convenor. 

b) If a game is forfeited and play is subsequently abandoned due to wet weather, the forfeit is for the date concerned and is not carried forward to the next competition day. 



  • Clubs are required to advise the opposing Club Secretary, Competition Convenor and any relevant umpire/s of impending forfeits as soon as they are known about. 
  • Notification is to be via email with telephone/text to be used on game day to ensure the notification is received.
  • Clubs receiving forfeits must acknowledge the forfeit notification and advise their relevant club team.
  • The Competition Convenor will enter the forfeit into Play HQ once the timeslot in which the match is due to occur has ended.
  • Forfeits are for a date only therefore if a match is rained out, the forfeit is no longer valid and the match will occur on the next competition day.