Round Friday Friday Saturday Saturday
1 Willoughby United Willoughby United
2 Monte Monte
3 NSJ Roseville (am) X Monte (pm)
4 Mosman Mosman
5 Saints LCNC
6 St Michaels NSGH
7 Roseville MCC Rangers
8 Loreto Loreto
10 NSJ Roseville (am) X Monte (pm)
11 CNC (am) XS (pm)
12 Rangers SGHS (am) Northbridge (pm)
13 Wenona (am)
14 Monte Monte

Duty Team Tasks
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Please have two people available at the table outside the admin office at all times (preferably at least one of which to be a female). They will be responsible for answering all questions (eg ice, physio, nail clippers, court location, canteen, entry to Leisure Centre etc) as well as scoresheet distribution and collection.  Scoresheets will be issued no earlier than 30 mins prior to match start time and will be done timeslot by timeslot.  Please highlight which sheets have been collected and by which team, then tick which ones have been received at match conclusion.  Put them in order of court (a fixture list will be provided) and leave them in the Competition Convenor’s tray.  It is not the Duty Team’s responsibility to check whether scoresheets have been completed correctly.  The Competition Convenor will work with clubs on any which are not completed either fully or correctly however the duty team can ensure that the final score is written it the “T” box for each team.


FRIDAY NIGHTS: These must be up by 4:15pm on Friday nights if they have not been posted by the Ground Committee already. The Red Flat post pads are for Courts 12 & 13. All other courts are the round red post pads.

At the end of the matches they are to be left out for Saturday, unless it is raining, in which case they are to be brought back in.

SATURDAYS: The post pads will need to be brought in at the end of the last timeslot (unless the Net Set Go Program Convenor asks them to be left out). They are to be placed into the large black bins provided. Please make sure that we have 2 bins with 7 post pads and 2 flat pads and 2 bins with 8 post pads. This is listed on the front of the bins. Each team in the last time slot should be assisting with taking a post pad back after their game has concluded. All the rings on the courts need to be turned around for NetSetGo on Sunday before departure.   This can be started during the 3.05 pm timeslot on the courts which are not being used.

Duty Team may be required to turn the basketball rings around to be ready for netball.  There is a hook available to do this.  When the Grounds Convenor is absent, you may also be required to remove the computer from the tower and lock it.  The Executive member on duty will have appropriate keys.

SUNDAYS: Each Team in the first timeslot will be required to take a post pad and place it on their court post. Each team in the last timeslot will be required to bring a post pad from their court back to the admin room. All the rings on the courts need to be turned around to full height after the final game on Sunday before departure.


At the end of the Friday night and Saturday afternoon and Sunday the duty teams need to collect garbage bags and gloves from the administration room and do a cleanup of rubbish that is left. Best you have 2 teams – 1 to do the top courts and 1 to do the bottom courts.

Saturday Afternoon Duty: you will need an extra team to do the indoor courts. All water bottles left are thrown out and do not go into lost property. Any clothing items or other apparel or equipment is placed in lost property in the administration room.

The duties for NetSetGo can be found HERE.