Registration and Play HQ Information (updated March 2024)

This page will assist club registrars to correctly set up and register players for each competition.  It is updated regularly with helpful information.


Spreadsheet to be Completed

Here is the spreadsheet to be completed with your teams and player history.  Please do not reformat it and ensure all information is correct.

Incorrect Registrations

If you have players who have registered in the wrong competition (eg registered in Winter Comp instead of NSG Program), they will need to re-register using the correct link. Club administrators will need to request a voucher from the Competition Convenor to cover the NSNA fee already paid.  Play HQ will recognise that they player has already paid their Netball Australia and Netball NSW fees. Clubs may also need to provide a voucher to cover the fees already paid to them by the player.


Formatting of Names for Registrations

Players to set up their name in registration like this: Margot Paterson (ie capital first letter only).  Changes can be made if required. Date of Birth: if a player or parent has entered an incorrect date of birth, please ask the Competition Convenor if you need corrections.


Player History

Club Administrators are able to check the player history for new players from other associations. In Play HQ, once the player has registered with your club, search for them, click on their name, click View and then Statistics. This will show the association, club and team number they played with in the prior year.  This information is crucial to grading to reduce the number of appeals based on information provided ‘after the fact’. Please ask your players for any information they can provide about their playing history. Clubs are requested to identify Premier League and Metro League players in their team lists.  This may affect the grade requested.

Player history for 2023 can be found on this page.  All ladders have been updated following the 2023 finals series.


Entering Teams in Play HQ (updated Jan 2024)

NEW: Play HQ has the facility to roll over club teams from a prior season.  This will roll over your teams, not your players.  Follow these instructions which will complete this task and means you just need to adjust the attributes of a team rather than add teams from scratch:

  1. After you have accepted the invitation to the Winter 2024 competition, you can go to Teams
  2. Add Club Team
  3. How would you like to add club teams?
  4. Click “Roll over all club teams from a previous season” (left hand box) – other option is Add club teams manually one by one
  5. Continue
  6. Source Season is Winter 2023
  7. NEXT
  8. Rollover Teams

When entering teams in Play HQ, be sure to allocate them to their correct ‘type’, eg if they are playing 15s, then the grade is denoted as U15, not Juniors.  Please take care when entering the Gender – use Mixed for teams up to and including 12s, Girls for 13s to Inters and then Women for Senior grades.  By doing this, it makes it easier to allocate teams to a grade rather than searching for them. Club registrars allocate players to teams but they do not allocate teams to grades.  The Competition Convenor will do this once grading has been finalised. Teams are to be named like this: Loreto 01, Monte 02, Will United 03, MCC 04, Mosman 05 etc as it makes it faster for the Competition Convenor to find them when placing in to grades and general searching during the season.  Note the space between the Club Name and the Number with numbers from 1 – 9 having a leading zero.


Vouchers / Non Players (updated Jan 2024)

The fee for non-players for 2024 is $0 so no voucher is required.  This cohort will use the same registration link as your players, ensure you have all type of registrations available on your club registration link.  

If clubs have someone they wish to cover the cost of registration for (eg hardship cases, long serving players), please request a voucher (remember to also provide the amount of the club fee) from the Competition Convenor who will request same from Netball NSW.